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To build a web governance system that works, start by measuring the Scale of your online presence (Size, Complexity & Engagement) and go from there. Learn how.

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Susanna Guzman

"If you work on a web team, you need to watch the video Masterclass. Clarifying, affirming, practical!"

Web Director, CFA
Gerry McGovern

"A lot of practical depth. I think that someone managing a large site would find it genuinely useful."

GERRY McGovern,
Web Content Strategist
Torben Rytt

"Shane is extremely knowledgeable. His ability to communicate clearly made working with him a no-brainer."

CEO Siteimprove USA

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I'm Shane Diffily. I have been writing and speaking about web governance, web management and online operations since the mid-2000s. I created the Web Governance Masterclass, Website Manager's Handbook and online advice articles to help web managers solve common problems. Read more about me.