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Ensure clarity of ownership, leadership & authority.

Create a digital team with clear roles & responsibilities.

Maintain quality as more people publish more content via CMS.

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Equip yourself with practical skills & hands-on techniques . . .

  • Make concrete measurements of the quality of existing systems.
  • Identify key gaps, including missing skills, tools & processes.
  • Design new governance structures that can deliver stability.
A photo of a web governance implementation
A photo of a web governance implementation

90+ minutes of hands-on advice across 8 highly visual lessons . . . .

  • Explore the concepts of Governance that underlie digital management.
  • Discover the 3 Key Factors that are crucial to transformation.
  • Watch Lessons 1 to 4 for free (below) to start changing.

Suitable for anyone who co-ordinates an online team . . .

  • Web Product Manager, Online Manager, Webmaster, etc.
  • Communication Co-ordinator, Web Editor, Publisher, etc.
  • Any type of product: website, intranet, app or more.
A photo of a web governance implementation
A photo of web manager's handbook

From the author of the bestselling book for online managers . . . .

  • The Website Manager's Handbook is the original guide to online operations & has sold hundreds of copies worldwide.
  • My new Masterclass builds on the Handbook by explaining in detail the systems & structures needed to expedite digital management.
  • Download your copy now.

I'm Shane Diffily. As the internet's leading commentator on Web Governance, I have written extensively on this subject and spoken at events like HighEdWeb. I recorded these lessons as a low cost alternative to in-person training. (about me)

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"Shane is extremely knowledgeable. His ability to communicate clearly made working with him a no-brainer."

CEO Siteimprove USA
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"A lot of practical depth. I think that someone managing a large site would find it genuinely useful."

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Web Content Strategist
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"If you work on a web team, you need to watch the Masterclass. Clarifying, affirming, practical!"

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3 ways to learn: Watch, Listen or Read

The Masterclass is available in multiple formats. Watch the videos. Listen to the podcasts. Read the fully-illustrated transcripts. Watch Lessons 1-4 for free on YouTube or download text below.

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The Masterclass in detail

The Masterclass shows you how to deliver a business case that persuades executives to invest in better management - and then how to implement the governance systems & structures you need to create stability.

Lesson 1. Governance - the next battleground of competitive advantage  (8min)


Not only have volumes of online publishing exploded in recent years, but so too has the sophistication & number of devices to be supported.

From web to social media to apps, all this diversity is putting considerable strain on Web & Product Managers and their teams.

As more people publish more content on more platforms, something new is needed to help re-impose order on complexity.

The good news is that a new generation of people (like you) for whom web is neither cool nor cryptic is finally being appointed to positions of authority.

To set things right you need a system of control that can deliver the stability needed, so you can focus on more important things - like your online goals.

In this video you will learn...

  • Why online management & governance are so crucial to Competitive Advantage.
  • A new Framework for imposing order on the complexity of online operations.
  • The 3 Key Factors that determine whether your new system will succeed - or fail.

Lesson 2. A new framework for online operations & leadership  (15min)

Can you remember the early days of the internet - when the web was all about freedom of expression and Lord of the Rings? Anything could happen.

And then it did.

Jeff Bezos at Amazon started selling goods online and nothing was ever the same again.

In this video, we'll delve into the history of the web in order to understand how operations got so confused - and how the disciplines of Web Governance & Product Management are finally being used to clean up the mess.

For instance, you'll discover that Web Governance is a system - a system that unites the many distinct elements connected with operations & allows them to be organized in a cohesive way; including people, processes, tools & budget.

And to help impose order on this system, you'll learn about a practical new Framework you can use to re-organize your approach to online management.

In this video you will learn...

  • A new way organize everything you are responsible for as a Web/Product Manager.
  • How to scale-up your management as operations grow in size & complexity.
  • How firms at opposite ends of the online spectrum (e.g. Mom-n-Pop, a small diner & MegaCorp, transnational business) can achieve stable governance.

Lesson 3. Designing systems & structures to match your ambition  (32min)

In 2014, the UK government announced that its new website contained more than 120,000 pages. A quick calculation shows that this would have required 86,000 man-days to produce - & many more to maintain.

Sure, not every website is so large - but the basic question remains: How to design the governance & management systems that are right for your online venture?

In this video, you'll discover how by measuring just 3 characteristics of Complexity, Size & Engagement you can determine the broad solution that is suitable for you. This includes manpower, staffing, the skills you'll need, what tools to buy, and more.

For example, you'll learn how to use these measures to benchmark your site against peers and reveal commonalities in approach that would otherwise remain obscure.

Finally, we'll explore some models for what a real system of online management can look like - and how it may change as you grow in scale.

In this video you will learn...

  • The concept that lies at the heart of governance planning: Scale.
  • How the 3 parameters above can predict the type of supervision suitable for an online venture.
  • How the activities of online management often emerge as standalone disciplines as 'Scale' increases.

Lesson 4. The 3-Critical-Factors needed to make change happen  (39min)

It's time to end the dysfunction of online management. You and your staff have a legitimate expectation you'll be given the resource & authority you need to get on with things.

It is literally Senior Executives' job to do that. That's why they're paid. To make the hard decisions.

The problem is that many choose to ignore that responsibility. As a consequence, they choose to put your online reputation & revenue at risk - and to forego the benefits that governance can bring to competitive advantage.

In this final video of Masterclass: Part A, you'll discover how to create the compelling Business Case you need to persuade senior executives to invest in operations; including more people, better tools, formal processes & more.

You'll also learn about the 3 Keys Factors of Success that require primacy in your plan for governance renewal.

And finally, you'll explore best practices from the world's acknowledged leaders in online management to gather ideas about what can work for you.

In this video you will learn...

  • How to track stability across 3 broad indicators: Online, Operational & Organizational.
  • How new technology can help you get ever better return from your management effort.
  • New ideas for systems & structures that make sense in a growing organization.

Hi! I'm Shane Diffily

I have over 15 years' experience in web management, digital governance and operations. As a recognised leader in the discipline of Web Governance, I am the internet's most prolific author on this topic.

I recorded these lessons as a low cost alternative to in-person training.

The Masterclass builds on the concepts of my bestselling Website Manager's Handbook to show how things work in real-life.

Having completed online projects for numerous organizations in non-profit, government, higher education, telecoms and more, I have collected all the insight you need to confront issues like decentralized publishing, team structures, roles & responsibilities, etc.

Eager to learn more? Read more about me or explore my most popular articles:

Why not watch some video of me speaking at various digital events.

A photo of a web governance implementation
CEO Siteimprove USA

Shane is extremely knowledgeable in his field. His ability to communicate in a clear & cohesive way made working with him a no-brainer.

Director FleishmanHillard

Shane is an excellent analyst with impeccable attention to detail. He's also a great project lead: calm, organized & a pleasure to work with.

GERRY McGovern
Author & consultant

Very clear & well written. A lot of practical depth. Very useful to managers of large sites. (Review of 'The Website Manager's Handbook')

FILIPE Pereira
Head of Ux & Design, TIMWE

Shane is strongly focused on project goals; effectively managing people and processes.