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Due to a new role I have taken on fulltime, I no longer provide direct consulting services.

However, my online training course in Website Management & Governance (more below) consolidates all the best insight I have. It is already the top-selling course in this subject on the web.

Bestselling online course in web management
5 lessons in web teams, roles, operations & more

Download bundle ... just $14.99

FULL '5-lesson Masterclass' (usually $29.99)
PLUS original 'Web Manager's Handbook'  (usually $9.99)
PLUS editable 'Online Governance Manual'  (usually $9.99)
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Torben Rytt

"Shane is extremely knowledgeable. His ability to communicate made working a no-brainer."

CEO Siteimprove USA
Gerry McGovern

"A lot of practical depth. Someone managing a large site would find it genuinely useful."

GERRY McGovern,
Web Content Strategist